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Artists Statement

I make an effort to revel in the wonders of nature in some way ever day. Whether it is noticing the colors of a lizard scurrying away, listening to the rain or seeing a new shade of pink in the evening sky. By allowing myself to take the time to notice, my creative spirit is both refreshed and inspired.

 I have been manufacturing jewelry, gifts and accessories professionally for more than 20 years. I have worked in many mediums and have always been the most entranced with wire, metal, beads and stones. I am always exploring new ways to integrate my basic love of jewelry and personal adornment with everyday life. I want people to smile when they see my work, whether it’s a sun face on a salt shaker, a butterfly on a bookmark or a cactus and coyote dangling from their ears. I have traveled extensively and the various landscapes of our country impact my work in very different ways. The tranquility of nature and the great southwest plays as important a part as the raw energy of NYC.

 As an artist I feel lucky to have been brought up in an environment that both approved of and encouraged my creative pursuits. Unfortunately, many kids today do not have the same advantages and it is important for me to share my love and knowledge of the arts with them. I have spent many hours with at-risk youth to help them find their creative spirit that has been buried away for various reasons. To see their smiling faces and to feel their pride when they create something all their own, has brought me more satisfaction than the many other accomplishments I’ve made thus far in my career.

 It has been both a struggle and an unparalleled life lesson to remain self-employed while relying on my art to subsidize my life. It has also contributed greatly to who I am today and I feel confident that I am on the path I should be. It all seems so worth it when I escape to the studio and emerge hours later with a new idea, new design or a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece. I continue to strive to remain true to myself and my definition of handmade, while still producing enough volume to be considered a strong wholesale resource.

 The message I hope to convey to my audience is that the world we live in is full of color and love and natural beauty, and it should be celebrated often. By becoming part of my decorated world, it will make yours just a little more fun!

 Julie Rose